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Tuesday, September 30, 2008

PostHeaderIcon Another Brag Page to animal series - snail

The snail paper I used on this one I designed using The scrappin cop snail template, she makes the cutest things that are for commerical use
made at 6x4 (1800 x 1200) @300dpi (printable)

download HERE
Monday, September 29, 2008

PostHeaderIcon Boy Animal Brag Book

Here is a bunny page for the baby boys ! once again in PNG format 6x4 (1800 x1200) @ 300dpi for printing

Download HERE

PostHeaderIcon Brag Book Page

A cute baby layout in pink the whole thing has been designed by me including the papers used, keep watching for the further series of this one there will be more animals to the set
this is in PNG format size is 6 x 4 (1800 x 1200) it is done at 300dpi for printing.

Download HERE
Sunday, September 28, 2008

PostHeaderIcon Just a bit of fun

I decided to have a play today rather than designing things. and found a wonderful tutorial on the net, well I managed to make this and save before my internet faulted I went back into history and found the tutorial it is called I believe, the masks used were from urbanfairytales and I used the new fly away butterfly kit by cancermoon creations found at Ahhh scraps, it complimented the picture of the sweet angel used who is one of my darling grand daughters
Friday, September 26, 2008

PostHeaderIcon Quick Page

I made this one at 6X6 @300 dpi, it is in PNG format, some of the graphics are unknown so I have to restrict to personal use only...

Download HERE

PostHeaderIcon Wedding Brag Book Page 2

Another page created using the same two items from sandi's site, this one can be used for wedding or engagement It is made at 6 X 4 @ 300dpi (printable) These are for personal use only

Download Here

PostHeaderIcon Wedding Brag book page

The paper was made using a tube found at Sandi's , she has some wonderful items on her site, you will have fun browsing around...remember to read the artist terms of use. I have made this one at 6 X 4 inches @300dpi (printable) the graphics are not mine so i have to limit to personal use

Download HERE
Thursday, September 25, 2008

PostHeaderIcon Burgandy frame sash

The sash is in PNG format. commercial use ok

Download HERE

PostHeaderIcon CazzDiamondBow Blog Background

The background has been created using lovely papers from Cassie's scraps just click the link to have a look at her lovely freebies.

Download background HERE

PostHeaderIcon Chocolate Delight Kit

New kit called Chocolate Delight, commercial use OK , please read terms supplied with kit. I have used a new braid script out by LoneShell Creations in the kit, I loved the result of this one, it is a nice tight weave, it is available at Heaven Dezines

Download my kit HERE
Monday, September 22, 2008
I used a beautiful new realease kit by Cancermoon Creations called Flyaway Butterfly and the bows and lacing i have added the papers are just so lovely and great comp[limentry can purchase it at Berry Bliss...

Download Blog background HERE
Sunday, September 21, 2008

PostHeaderIcon Cream Mint Doodle Paper

I designed the paper and thought i would share this one with you...CU ok, ok for the beginners the short hand is frustrating when you have no idea what it means so i will slowly add a section of information on this, CU means = Commercial Use

Download HERE
Saturday, September 20, 2008

PostHeaderIcon Pretty In Pink 2 Blog Background

another lovely background produced from the All In Pink by Shadedezines, I really love this set you can go wild in designing, If you download a set from her site remember to read the artist TOU, I have her permission to bring these to you.

Download HERE

PostHeaderIcon Pretty In Pink Blog background

The background was made from a wonderful kit by Shadedezines called All things Pink, it is stunning with the papers and elements that she has incorporated in it watch for more made with this set !

Download HERE

PostHeaderIcon Word Overlay

I was playing around trying my hand at making you like ???, okay I have to make a condition on it, I could not find anything on the font for TOU, so I will have to make this for personal/freebie use only to be safe.... the size of the overlay is 1000 x1000

download HERE
Thursday, September 18, 2008

PostHeaderIcon More New Scripts

Oh boy do I love this one!!! in my sample there is a greyscale, when doing the color just select grey instead of a main color and you then have a template for quick use later, the multi green/yellow is a gradiant done in multiply mode, the aubergine, mint,green were just colors selected as the script ran......the results are so wonderful...i am in love with this one
I purchased from

Download the apricot tassels Here

PostHeaderIcon Elegant Blog Background

A Simple background with class

Download Here

PostHeaderIcon Denim Doodle Blog Background

I have made a blog background using the cancermoon Denim Doodle Kit, its such a pretty kit to use you can purchase the kit at most of the stores lited on my blog

Download Background HERE

PostHeaderIcon Script INFO

You know how I love scripts, I thought I would share info on this new script available, it will make these papers for you, it is interactive on the 1st paper you select the color combination in the striped paper, then it takes off and creates the rest in the order I have marked them ...great !!!! love it !!! here is where you can purchase it treasured
Wednesday, September 17, 2008

PostHeaderIcon Butterfly PNG

A new script From Cancermoon, this one is butterfly3, such an easy and interactive it, and even better it ends open to add your own touches, I love when they are left open I really have some fun ! The freebie is from my first run with the script so I have not played and added you are seeing what the end result would be left alone. Still elegant don't ya think !! I just love the other two butterfly scripts in this can find them at the stores linked on the right side of my blog

Download HERE

PostHeaderIcon Spring Fling Blog Background

Now that winter is over and the warmer weather is on the way the garden is starting to bloom, I just love this time of year and it inspired me to create a modern lift to a garden coming to life

Download background HERE

Download HTML alterations instruction sheet HERE

PostHeaderIcon Charity Blog Background

Blog Background in Jpg format I have used Cancermoon Charity Kit, this was recently a freebie train on her site so go check out the site to gain more info....I have incorporated some doodles from her doodle denim kit as well..... Check out the stores that carry her items the links are under stores on my blog....did i tell you i am mad on her scripts ?? well I have some freebies coming shortly from some new scripts she has at the stores....oh and check the other CT members sites (clickable links)they also have freebies you may love to snag !

Download HERE

Instructions to code for blog backgrounds Here
Tuesday, September 16, 2008

PostHeaderIcon Halloween Blog set

I have had some requests for Halloween blog sets, this is done with my Halloween Kit, they are in jpg format... some of the graphics used in my art work is from JRett Graphics, a wonderful place to get commercial use graphics, I am a big fan of her designs ! but I must stress please read my terms of use with my download to the kits and blogs sets.
1 header
1 background

Download HERE

Instructions to code for backgrounds HERE

PostHeaderIcon Bandana Blog Background

The Blogger background has been made using Cancermoon Creations Bandan Rama Kit, I have used the greyscale that comes in the kit and made it blue, and used the ribbons from the kit also, but the flowers I have made to complement the setting.
the kit can be purchased at stores i have listed here just click the link and look for cancermoon creations, she has some awesome scripts available as well.

Download Here

HTML Code for blog backgrounds HERE
Monday, September 15, 2008

PostHeaderIcon Modern Halloween

Knowing that Halloween is not that far away, I decided to get a set ready for you, I have done this in modern colors...the kit contains
4 Brads
1 Double frame
1 Round frame
3 Bows
2 Ribbons
2 pumpkins
5 Papers (1800 x1800)
all items made at 300dpi

Download HERE
Saturday, September 13, 2008
I have made 6 Australian papers, they are in JPG format, BUT I have to place a rule they are for personal use only being I do not own the gumnut images they belong to May Gibbs. there is 6 different papers depicting very Australian things from the gum leaf, and of course may gibbs and her beautiful fairy tales we all grew up with, I still love my gumnut babies.......
Download HERE

PostHeaderIcon In The garden Kit

I have made the set in PNG and Jpg format so anyone who likes it can use the set, you do not have to have PSP.
it contains:
5 papers
3 oblong frames
3 round frames
2 ribbons
1 wave beading
3 butterfly
1 bee
1 ladybug

The butterflys are from a script of cancermoon it is a wonderful script that finishes open so you cn be creative, i have added texture to my wings and then used brushes to decorate and the bodies I added EC glass.

Download HERE
Friday, September 12, 2008

PostHeaderIcon Truley Inspired Brag book pages

I have made some brag book pages from the Truly Inspired Kit, wow so many girls have jumped on board of the train, and you can find so many things added from more kits to single items made from the kits added... mine is made from Cancermoon Creations Truly Inspired kit, click on her blog and find out more on the train, and get the kit from her have fun on all the whistle stops so start here ! Cancermoon Creations.

my brag pages are done in PNG 6X6 (1800 X 1800) printable DPI

Download Brag pages HERE

PostHeaderIcon Doodle Denim Frame PNG

Something you can add to your own Doodle Denim Kit, a frame ready to add to a background.
for commercial use please read my terms

Download HERE
Wednesday, September 10, 2008

PostHeaderIcon Doodle Denim Brag Page 2

I am loving this Doodle Denim Kit by cancermoon creations, it is so flexable what you can do, keep looking here for the different things i do with, soon a blog background will be here too
in the mean time here is another QP to add to the other this is done in printable dpi brag book size of 6X6 (1800X1800) ....don't forget to let me knwo the things your liking so I can bring more like that to you.... you can purchase your kit from Ahhhscraps

Download HERE

PostHeaderIcon Butterfly PNG

Okay in a creative, this butterfly came from a small curl, that I layered and layered, I liked the end result so I hope you do to

Download HERE

PostHeaderIcon wrapped frame

Did someone mention scripts ??? I love using scripts, they are perfect for those lazy brain moments when you cannot design for the life of you... they whip up so quick I LOVE EM !!
this frame was made using two of cancermoon creations scripts ...and if your lazy like me and want the easy way to check things out click on my blinkie about scripts and it will take you there.... In the mean time feel free to snag the frame I made

Download HERE
Tuesday, September 9, 2008

PostHeaderIcon Script Information

How cool is this !!! yep oh boy... I want to know all the mysteries of those scripts.....I love scripts I am a script addict and now some secrets on how to write them as well !!!!!! WONDERFUL !!!!
If your interestedlike me....(actually I am chomping at the bit for this sort of info )... go check out her blogspot

PostHeaderIcon Birthday Brag Book Page

I have made this in printable quality, the centre is left open for you to place a picture, it is in brag book size of 6X6 (1800x1800 pix)

Download HERE
Monday, September 8, 2008

PostHeaderIcon Tropical Delight Blog Set

I was having a play day and came up with this set for a blog ...In the download is the background and header in JPG format ... Of course my name is not on the header it is blank for you to place yours on it.....if you do use it please let me know I would love to see it up in lights so to

Download HERE
Instructions for HTML code alterations for background HERE
Sunday, September 7, 2008

PostHeaderIcon Doodle Denim Kit Quick Page

I have had some fun with this wonderful Taggers Kit by Cancermoon Creations it is full of elements and papers and such a great price for it, you can find the kit at , I made the quick page for a brag book (4x6) printable quality.

I have also done a tutorial on making a tag with some of the elements so go by the set and have fun you can find the tutorial HERE. Also check out the CT Team members blogs for more fun treats from this kit !!

Download QP HERE

PostHeaderIcon Australian Digital Kit

A Friend commented that you often see American layouts but hardly any Australian so we decided to do something about being able to find Australian, what is more Australian than our Diggers, they were my inspiration in this set....... I have to lay a ruling on this one it is strictly for Personnal use, I don't like to do this but i do not own the clip art of the Boxing Kangaroo, he is an icon from the first world war and remains the property of the original owner.

Download HERE

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