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Saturday, August 30, 2008

PostHeaderIcon Daisy Cow Layout

I called this one daisy cow, A little girl page layout.
remember that my freebie's are done in tagger size so they are not suitable for printing

I also love to hear your comments, without them i have no idea if I am making items that are liked

Download HERE
Friday, August 29, 2008

PostHeaderIcon Spotted Daisy Paper

I played with backgrounds today and come up with some nice designs I thought I would share one with you it is made in tagger size of 2400 @72 dpi so it is not suitable for printing

Download HERE

PostHeaderIcon Ribbon Flower

The flowers in my display were made using a lovely script, so easy to do, the script was created by cancermooncreations and right now you can find this as a freebie in Ahhh scraps, the link for both is on my site. cancermoon creations is under friends blogs/web sites have a look at other items she has created and the store link is under scrapping stores/supplies
Monday, August 25, 2008

PostHeaderIcon Oh Baby !

Oh Baby has 4 different papers done at 2400x2400 78dpi so this set is only suitable for taggers or digital scrapping only, not suitable for printing
Elements pack has 12 elements i have displayed them sitting on the spotted background to give you an idea of the look...

they are still in PSP 9 format (raster/background)

Download HERE
Thursday, August 21, 2008

PostHeaderIcon Blinkie Template 3

Tulip Blinkie ...once again you need animation to place your name onto it or you will loose the blinking animation if you do it in PSP and save

Download HERE

PostHeaderIcon Blinkie Template 2

Here is another style Blinkie this one is 300 x 150 pixels in size
you will need animation shop to place your name on it if you put it on in PSP you will loose the animation on saving.

Download HERE

PostHeaderIcon Blinkie Template

I have made a blinkie template for you to use, you will need paint shop pro animation shop to be able to add your name. If you like it and don't have animation email me and I will do it for you

Download HERE
Wednesday, August 20, 2008

PostHeaderIcon Camilia flowers

I was playing around with a script that went into an error so I played with filters with what I had and these were the end result....aren't they cute....they reminded me of a camilia .
I have saved them in PNG format for you

download HERE
Tuesday, August 19, 2008

PostHeaderIcon Repair to links

Hopefully i have now fixed the links to the downloads and you can now access them

Happy Snagging !!!!

Well gosh i have been tagged not once but twice before i even got a chance to do the first
Steph and Laurie a big thanks I am so glad my blog is liked and I hope you are finding some goodies you love.


1. Link the tagger and list the rules on your blog (yep done
2. share 7 facts about yourself on your blog, some random, some weird.
3. tag 7 people at the end of your postby leaving their names as well as links to their blogs.
4 Let them know they have been tagged by leaving a comment on their blog.

okay now for the 7 facts about me.................

1. I love to sculpt miniature babies from polymer clay
2. My birth sign is scorpio
3. I have 5 grandchildren (3 boys and 2 girls)
4. I was born in Victoria (Aust) and moved to the sunshine state of Queensland when I was 13 I am now the ripe young age of mmmmm nudging 49 not quite there yet (
5. My baby boy (25) gets married this November
6. I have a quirky sense of humour, I will be the one snikering at something someone said ( I can always see a funny side to something someone has said)
7. I love flavoured water my favorite is boysenberry

people i am tagging

Debb -
beth -
vanessa -
katie -
snowtig -
Alexe -
chelle -

Sunday, August 17, 2008

PostHeaderIcon Blogger header - Daisy


Here is another one, you can personalise this one with your own elements and name again it is in a PSP file format

download HERE

PostHeaderIcon Blog header

Something different for you, I created a blog header for you to use all you need to do is place the name onto it ....It is a psp file

don't forget to leave me a note letting me know how you feel about the stuff i create ! I love to share what i make if i know you love it !!!!!

download HERE
Saturday, August 16, 2008

PostHeaderIcon Photo Frame

I made this off set photo frame it is in PNG format

download HERE
Friday, August 15, 2008

PostHeaderIcon Pretty Flower

Here is a pretty flower, I love using Redfield plugin, you never get the same flower I thought this turned out so pretty that i would share it with you ...PNG format

download HERE

PostHeaderIcon Labels

I guess it is your gain having such cold mornings I am slow motivated and sit in front of the computer the hours zip by without you realising...
ok this one is a paint shop pro format V9, I have left it open so you can copy the tag you want to use individually.
don't forget to read my TOU

download HERE
Thursday, August 14, 2008

PostHeaderIcon Sheep

Something different - my grand daughter wanted me to make a sheep- so i made a wooly if you like it you can download it HERE

it is in PNG format and commercial use OK

PostHeaderIcon Pink check frame

again the frame is in PNG format and commercial use ok

Download HERE

PostHeaderIcon Tatty Teddy

here is a pink tatty teddy for you to use.... ok to place into kits for commercial use
it is in PNG format

Download HERE

PostHeaderIcon Terms of Use

Terms Of Use

They are very basic and easy to understand....
I allow commercial use (cu) or commercial use for commercial use (cu4cu) for my items, I encourage using your own creativity and make a new items using my item.

I prefer to spend my time designing and enjoying what I make, I don't wish to run around being a snoop and making sure you are obeying terms with this in mind my terms of use (TOU) are very basic and simple to follow

1. All my Items I have made are done for you to freely use there are no limitations of if's and but's so have fun these products are marked with (cu4cu) in the listing.

2. Anything that has commercial use may have a clause - for example the clause maybe - no stickers, brushes or templates to be made using this item. so please be aware that it may contain a small restraint.

3.very rarely I will have an item that is Personal Use (PU) - it will be clearly marked in the store and on the preview.

All downloads will have the terms of use with it - if you are unsure or this has not cleared any question you have please contact me and i will answer your questions ASAP