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Saturday, November 29, 2008

PostHeaderIcon Trim the Tree Contest Freebie

Have you heard about the contest, Becca has all the details on the contest along with some freebies too and a list of others who have some free items to use for the contest. There are conditions and rules like any contest so read them !

you can grab a freebie script from Cancermoon Creations of a tree to start your trimming

The winning entry will receive Cancermoon Creations Butterfly series set value over $10 how great is that !! so hop around the sites and have a look.

To download my Freebie that were made using Cancermoon Creations stitched star script, I added the bow and holly, its a great one to have in your collection so go grab it on sale at memory junkies
Friday, November 28, 2008


America has a black friday sale after their thanks giving so no matter what country your in you get to benefit on the sale so jump in to memory junkies store and grab some good bargains, the sale is store wide, but for those who are script junkies like me this will make some of the scripts as low as $1.00 each, .....grabbing my bag and off to shop.... (byeeeeeeeeee see me waving)
Friday, November 21, 2008

PostHeaderIcon christmas paper plum pudding

another paper for you to enjoy, christmas pudding just says christmas doesn't it !
made using a lovely script by Incognito
12x12 (3600x3600) @300dpi (printable)

Download HERE
Wednesday, November 19, 2008

PostHeaderIcon Gingerbread paper

A paper for your kiddie scrap pages the gingerbread was made using an action by M Barros
made at 12x12 inches (3600x3600) @300dpi (printable)
your comments are appreciated ...this is how I know you like

Download HERE
Tuesday, November 18, 2008

PostHeaderIcon Christmas Quick Page Rudolph

I made this one using 2 papers from the christmas 2 papers, the red background and the bow on the frame is using the two papers. The bow is from MLarson sloppy bow action, and the dangling stars are from M Barros christmas action, the round frame is from Cancermoon Creations cardboard series (I selected it and changed it to glitter)
the page is 12x12 inch (3600x3600) @300dpi (printable)

Download HERE

PostHeaderIcon christmas papers 2

more christmas papers 12 x 12 (3600 x 3600) @ 300dpi (printable)

please read my CU conditions on the download TOU with item

Download HERE

PostHeaderIcon Christmas Papers

christmas papers with snowflakes and pictures they have been made at 300dpi (printable)

Download HERE
Tuesday, November 11, 2008

PostHeaderIcon Brag Book Quick Page 6 x 4

Great News I can now reveal that Cancermoon has a bracket script, well more than one actually there is a whole series of them, my previous QP were done with the testings but I could not say anything before, but here it is, the hanging tag is also a new release and the flowers on this page were using one of her older scripts, and the good news is she has sales on at the moment, so go check out the stores I have listed on the right and you will find them.

Happy Bargain Hunting !!

Download Page HERE
Sunday, November 9, 2008

PostHeaderIcon Braid trim Frame

The frame was made while experimenting making ruffled ribbons, the inner trim used is with a script by cancermoon creations, check out the stores as there is specials running with some of her scripts, it is endless what they can be used for when using your imagination you will find stores carrying her items on the right of my blog under scrapping stores
the frame is 3 x 3 inches @300dpi (printable) png format

Download HERE

PostHeaderIcon Birthday Quick Page 2

Quick page done at 3600 x 3600 @300 dpi Printable a cute script by Incognito used to make the birthday cake . In png format so all you do is place the picture behind the frame opening.

Download HERE
Saturday, November 8, 2008

PostHeaderIcon CU Goodie Bag

It's my birthday so i am giving out some goodies, these are all CU ok, all my own creations. I hope you like them all, most have been made to 1800 pixels, so they are suitable for 12 x 12 layouts

The goodies will only be available from the 8th November to the 15th so get the word out to your friends

Download No longer available
Thursday, November 6, 2008

PostHeaderIcon Paper Freebie

the paper was designed using Cancermoon creations fan script along with some overlays for texture the paper is full size 3600 x 3600 @300dpi (printable) CU ok with conditions

Download HERE

PostHeaderIcon Christmas Quick Page

Quick Page for christmas all the papers used are my designs, journal frame and bubble words by me the flower bow and hanging tag were made using cancermoon creations scripts and the holly on the flower was by a lorene hill script
png format 3600 x 3600 (12 x 12) @300 dpi

Download HERE

PostHeaderIcon Christmas Quick Page

A quick page done at 3600 x 3600 (12 x 12) @ 300dpi

paper and wording designed by me, the bow and braid was created using Cancermoon creations scripts These are for personal use only

Download HERE

PostHeaderIcon Brag Book Quick Page 6 x 4

A design for boys/males of the family 1800x 1200 @ 300Dpi (6 x 4)
comes in a PNG format so all you do is place your picture behind the frames.

Download HERE